code x code

By: Andy Wood

Find a book, you're destined to haunt that reality.

Use barcode numbers to decode your adventure ↴
πŸ„€ βˆžα›ΰ¦€β˜Šβ‘‚ β–¦β¨β€²β„½βŸ
β’ˆ πŸ©β‘†βžα—£β‘… ㄽ⍝β₯¬ΟŸβ…
β’‰ π‘ΊβŽšΒ±β¨³β‰Š α…²β¨†βœβ¨²α„½
β’Š Δ¦ΰ°’Ζ„β‚βš αŒ½Ε€γ„–ΰ€©οΈ—
β’‹ ΰΆπŸ―α’‰ΰ¬ˆβ‡² πŸ„πŸœŽγƒšβ₯Œβ†€
β’Œ α”°β§ΰΆ¨βœ¬βš† ά©Ζγ˜αƒ¬πŸœ³
⒍ ╦⏧βͺ§βΎβ― β˜ΌβŒ°β€°ΒΏβ’
β’Ž β¨΄β„Ίβ—·βœΏβŽƒ α˜žΒ€γŠ€β˜ˆβŸ—
⒏ β•¬ΰ΅ βˆ’πŸœΈβ’ 🜁βͺα”˜Δ­βŸ²
⒐ β†¬βŒ€β₯αƒ£βŒΉ ✐⌭β‡ͺβ™―βš― 

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